Mircea Goia

My name is Mircea Goia. I was born and raised in Romania (Eastern Europe) and have been living in the United States since 2005. I work mainly as a web developer, web consultant and startup advisor while sharing interests in entrepreneurship and filmmaking (producing/directing). Involved in Cinely.com and RomanianStartups.com.



Romanian Startups founders – people who are making it happen

Published April 8, 2014

Since I began this project, RomanianStartups.com, I have contacted a lot of Romanian tech startup founders (Romania is my native country, just to remind you). It took over an year to gather them together


RomanianStartups.com mentioned in Forbes USA

Published April 8, 2014

I had the pleasure to see RomanianStartups.com (the project I founded) mentioned in an article written by Alison Coleman for Forbes.com several days ago: “Europe’s Hidden Entrepreneurial Tech Hotbed; Romania Powers Up“. Making a round-up of


Own Google’s First Page – Control Your Online Persona

Published March 23, 2014

Everyone tried, at least once, to Google themselves and see what’s on there about them. That is actually recommended to be done from time to time and I don’t think it’s egotistical. So, when I found


About Entrusting Google With All Our Online Life

Published February 10, 2014

Google is powerful and all present in our daily life. For now, it’s the closest thing to Skynet we have (at least, that’s what I think). We use its services, from Google search, to Gmail,


Silicon Valley and Hollywood – is one mindset compatible with another mindset?

Published January 20, 2014

Because I am not living in Silicon Valley and not in Hollywood but I am involved in web and film – to some degree here is what I found regarding these two fields of


Filming in Romania

Published December 11, 2013

NOTE: This article was published first by me on Quora.com on Jul 21, 2011. I did some updating below.   As it happens with the IT industry where a lots of jobs gets outsourced, the same happens –


Startup scene in Phoenix, Arizona – what I have found since living here (2011)

Published September 8, 2013

NOTE: This article was originally written in 2010 for Techcrunch (not published) and published in 2011 on Quora.com. It needs a serious update, which I don’t have time to do. ************************************ In my opinion, as an


What can do an aspiring filmmaker who is trying to self learn the skill while working in some other field for living?

Published June 10, 2013

I was always watched movies, since childhood. I even kept a list of movies I have seen until it became too big. Then, 8 years ago I started to think: I like movies quite a

Kickstarter.com badge funded

How to run a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for your movie project

Published September 7, 2012

As an indie filmmaker the main obstacle in making our movies is the money. A good chunk of our time is spent raising money (applying for grants, talking to investors and distributors, finding other


The golden core team of Paypal (so-called “Paypal Mafia”)

Published August 19, 2012

There was a question on Quora.com (a site where I answered a lot to lots of questions): “Who are the top 3 most influential tech entrepreneurs (or teams) in each decade the 80’s, 90’s