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About me

My name is MIRCEA GOIA (first name, last name).

I was born and raised in Romania (Eastern Europe) and I’ve been living in United States since several years (in Phoenix, Arizona).

I am interested in commercial Web development (such as social networks, social media, viral marketing, online video, e-commerce, marketplaces) and filmmaking, VFX, photography, travel.


* Worked at some web projects in the area of e-commerce, customer support, online learning managements systems, websites building.
* Founded the RomanianStartups.com, which is a directory of Romanian tech startups, founders, accelerators, events, co-working spaces.
* Advised several startups in the technology area:
– Cinely.com (filmmaking social network)
– Ubervu.com (social media marketing)
– 2performant.com (affiliate tracking)
– LocalMediaGroup.com (new media)
…and others (some closed).


I have been interested in photography for a few years and I am doing it as a passion. If you want to see more you can go to my Instagram.

Visual Effects VFX

Being passionate about filmmaking I am learning now Visual Effects using software like Cinema 4D (3D software), Nuke (compositing software), Adobe After Effects (compositing software), Fume FX (fire and smoke simulation software), Turbulence FD (fire and smoke simulation software), RealFlow (particles and liquid simulation software), Adobe Premiere (editing software). See below some examples on Vimeo.
Also I worked VFX for short films like “Bad Wings” and “The Hard R”.


I have helped produced (associate producer, executive producer) several short and feature films. See my profile on IMDB.

“Ingenious” (feature film starring Jeremy Renner and Dallas Roberts), won the Phoenix Film Festival in 2009
“The Hard R” (short film)
“Storage” (short film)
“The Obedience Project” (short film)
“Miss Her” (short film)
“The Apartment” (short film)
“Bogie and Bacall” (feature film in pre-production)
“Parallax” (war action short), won the Phoenix Film Festival 2012 Best Arizona Short award.
“Traveling Through Life” (Sci-Fi short)
“November Renaissance” (Sci-Fi short)
“The Midnightmare” (horror short)
“Nolibrot (Cheia)” (romance short)
“Dust” (Sci-Fi short)

I am exploring different film projects right now and I am also involved in organizing Arizona Romanian Film Festival.


I love to travel, inside USA and outside. I document my travels also on my Instagram account and Facebook.


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