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My name is Mircea Goia. I was born and raised in Romania (Eastern Europe) and have been living in the United States since 2005. I work mainly as a web developer, web consultant and startup advisor while sharing interests in Internet, entrepreneurship, filmmaking (producing/directing), photography and traveling. Involved in Cinely.com and RomanianStartups.com.


Filmmaking Resources

April 9, 2012

filmmaking-resourcesQuora.com, the “continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it” where I joined sometime ago has also a quite strong filmmaking community (screenwriters, directors, actors, crew), besides an entrepreneurship community.

Thus, I established a board for this creative community with all kind of filmmaking resources found on Quora and on the Internet: questions and answers, articles, tutorials, other resources (video, images, text).


Here is the board, which I think it will be helpful for those looking to learn about filmmaking:


If you are already on Quora you can followed it. If you are not yet on Quora you can still read them, but you can’t post anything.

Hope you will find them useful and if yes, please let others know (you can also post them on social media services like Reddit, Hacker News, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc so even more people can benefit).

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