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My name is Mircea Goia. I was born and raised in Romania (Eastern Europe) and have been living in the United States since 2005. I work mainly as a web developer, web consultant and startup advisor while sharing interests in Internet, entrepreneurship, filmmaking (producing/directing), photography and traveling. Involved in Cinely.com and RomanianStartups.com.


Romanian Startups founders – people who are making it happen

April 8, 2014

Since I began this project, RomanianStartups.com, I have contacted a lot of Romanian tech startup founders (Romania is my native country, just to remind you). It took over an year to gather them together (and their tech startups) on RomanianStartups.com but I am proud to present them all here, in this image.

Of course, I have more to add to the site and I will do it in time, at which point I will update this image (and that with startups).

They deserve all the praise for getting the ball rolling and for continuously growing the Romanian tech sector, this sector being one of the sectors which didn’t suffered much from the 2008 crisis.

In 2007 there were a handful of startup founders, now, in 2014 in this image, they are over 342.


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